Narre Warren 40th Anniversary Recipe Book

Narre Warren 40th Anniversary Recipe Book – proceeds to Cord Blood Research

These beautiful recipe books filled with scrumptious delights were to be sold at the conference but…Now you are able to purchase one direct from Narre Warren.  They are $10 each plus postage with all proceeds going to our national project – Cord Blood Research.  Email your order to: and Dianne Farmer will organize for you.

Iris Forno


Iris Forno passed away peacefully at the age of 106. Iris was as Charter member and Charter Secretary of the Cairns Inner Wheel Club formed in 1961.  Iris was President in 1972 – 73 and held various positions.  She remained a member till her death. She diligently kept a history of the Cairns Club on a typewriter for many years. She never forgot a face and was so agile. One of Iris’s last official duties as a member was to light the Candle of Friendship at last year’s conference in Cairns. Iris was a legend among Inner Wheel members.  We will miss you Iris.

“Walk to D’Feet MND” – IWC Pakenham

Meet Team Inner Wheel Club of Pakenham, some of our #MNDTourVic Walking Warriors.  The members of the IWC of Pakenham walked for MND in memory of their member Betty and a member’s husband – both died from MND.  The IWC of Pakenham are long-term supporters of MND Victoria and have raised funds for the organisation on the years.

Another donation of Bush Fire Appeal funds by IWA

Bush Fire Appeal Funds to Upper River Torrens, SA

14 September, 2020

The Upper River Torrens Landcare Group were presented with a donation of $3000 by Inner Wheel.  This donation went towards revegetation of the Cudlee Creek area which was impacted by the 2019 bush fires.

The donation would greatly help support property owners who wish to restore/replace wildlife habitat impacted by the fire. Some of which are still recovering from the 2015 fires. Funds would go towards several different aspects:

  • Co-ordination, catering, facilities for 10 planting events (up to 25 volunteers at each event requiring provisions).
  • Purchase of materials for weed control, fencing, tree
  • Purchase of materials for batching/distribution of plants (e.g. tubestock holders, fertilizer granules, tags).
  • Purchase of 5 additional Hamilton Tree Planters (they currently own one)






Bush Fire Appeal Funds allocated by IWA

14 September, 2020

Further Bush Fire Appeal Funds Donated to Bemm River, VIC

A story of gratitude from an area in Far East Gippsland, Victoria Australia.

Bemm River is a small community with a population of 61 and is located 437km from the City of Melbourne and is 26km from the Princes Highway. It forms part of the Wilderness Coast and abuts the Cape Conran Coastal Park to the West, Croajingalong National Park to the East and State Forrest to its North.

This small community became part of what was named the “Snowy Complex” of fires in 2019-2020.

Dating back to 2011 this “C.F.A.” Country Fire Authority, Volunteer Fire Brigade has committed themselves to being pro-active in the planning and the preparation of their community for an Emergency Event. They battled for six years to be able to create a 50 metre firebreak and a 50 metre understory clearance abutting the most at risk area of fire on the western side of their town. They conducted regular fuel reduction burning and built a Heli-Pad next to the Fire Station back in 2017-18. They instigated and developed a double sided metal sign, Red with a white H indicating the resident was at home on one side and Green with a white A indicating the resident was away on the other. These signs were to be displayed at the front of properties on days of significant danger. With regular community meetings held at the Fire Station they provided the education and the knowledge that was needed for residents to be pro-active, resilient and confident about the protection of their surroundings. A local CFA Emergency Management Team was formed and under the close supervision of this team the Bemm River residents were prepared, and they were also well aware that the chance of outside assistance was minimal to nil.

The importance of communication, listening, supporting and planning helped this community survive the emergency event that occurred this past bush fire season. Over the many years the respect and trust the community has in the leadership of Fire Brigade Captain Russell Pardew was never more evident than during this latest fire emergency. The community recognised his dedication and qualities and he was deservedly awarded one of the most prestigious awards given to a fire fighter “The Australian Fire Service Medal” in this year’s Queens Birthday Honours List.

It is now with the next safety project that Russell Pardew has in mind for his beloved area, where Inner Wheel is becoming a proud part of. For many years the scientific based evidence, relevance and value for the fitting of an External Sprinkler System with pump to Fire Stations in rural areas has been his goal. With donations to our Bush Fire Appeal including a significant amount from Inner Wheel Clubs in Germany, Inner Wheel Australia supported a submission by A62 District Chairman Kate Luxford to assist with funding the installation of these external sprinkler systems to three Rural Fire Stations, these are Bemm River, Goongerah and Wairewa. Inner Wheel Australia allocated $40,000 from the donations to this project and this amount will cover almost all the costs for all three Fire Stations. This sprinkler system will provide personal and asset protection from ember attack to these three most vulnerable communities where their Fire Stations are utilized by many community groups as meeting places, places of reassurance and places where they are encouraged to seek information and companionship. Quotes are now completed for this work and the installation will proceed in the very near future. I look forward to keeping you regularly updated on the progress of this very valuable and possible life saving project.

The communities of Bemm River, Goongerah and Wairewa are now well aware of our wonderful organization “Inner Wheel” and our important International connections.    Going into the future, Inner Wheel can be justifiably proud that they have become an invaluable part of these small communities town protection against Wildfire.

They are so very grateful for the support they have been given.