Another donation of Bush Fire Appeal funds by IWA

Bush Fire Appeal Funds to Upper River Torrens, SA

14 September, 2020

The Upper River Torrens Landcare Group were presented with a donation of $3000 by Inner Wheel.  This donation went towards revegetation of the Cudlee Creek area which was impacted by the 2019 bush fires.

The donation would greatly help support property owners who wish to restore/replace wildlife habitat impacted by the fire. Some of which are still recovering from the 2015 fires. Funds would go towards several different aspects:

  • Co-ordination, catering, facilities for 10 planting events (up to 25 volunteers at each event requiring provisions).
  • Purchase of materials for weed control, fencing, tree
  • Purchase of materials for batching/distribution of plants (e.g. tubestock holders, fertilizer granules, tags).
  • Purchase of 5 additional Hamilton Tree Planters (they currently own one)